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Teaching Projects

Other projects

In this gallery, the Contemporary Photography Projects (CPP) should be visually narrating through constructed and manipulated images that suggest a new reading of, or create new idealized scenarios of existing architectural and public spaces or orchestrated events. 

Thus, these works should have as reference authors who manipulate the image on purpose, abandoning the commitment to the literal recording of reality as perceived by the eye. On the one hand, these can be authors who deliberately create their photographic projects (CPP) from a strategy or an event orchestrated for the sole purpose of creating an image or photographic series. Some examples of these works are Erwin Wurm’s Outdoor Sculpture (1999), George Rousse’s Mairet (2000), Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s Head (2000) or Jeff Wall’s Passerby (1996).

On the other hand, authors reflecting todays possibilities of image creation with digital tools, which expand and potentiate significantly the practice of photography, these CPP should be focused on imaginary scenarios of present Architecture and Public Spaces in AMP. Going beyond the traditional objective approaches, exploring the fictional universe and creating alternative scenarios or critical readings of existing spaces, we want to go against the uncritical saturated media consumption of architectural images. Some examples of these works are the works of Idris Khan, Olivo Barbieri, Filip Dujardin, Beate Gütschow, Emilio Pemjean or Isabel Brison.