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Teaching projects

CI.CLO 2019

2º Seminar Alternative and Transverse Routes at AMP

other projects

The gallery “Alternative Paths in AMP” aims to create a set of visual narratives in different media, also availlable online for a wider audience, and the VSC platform should serve as a support for the communication of content on alternative spaces and routes in various territories of the AMP, seeking to promote debate and discussion neglected or unknown, but also rich in experiences and ways of appropriating space. It seeks to creatively transmit these places, their people and their dynamics, that is, seek to create new visions about the public space and a new understanding of these spaces, whenever possible to integrate the local initiative and its imaginary in its construction. 

In this way, close cooperation and liasion between the VSC project, the local actor and all other groups, institutions and individuals interested in participating in the construction of these alternative and cross-cutting paths in the AMP’s territories is proppsed. The aim of this work is to be able to involve local people and contribute to the more active involvement of academic, cultural and social sectors in innovative and interdisciplinary conceptions and practices related to image, city space, architecture and their experiences, where photography is presented in a significant way. An exploratory project and a poetic visual narrative that is also an analysis of the urban landscape and the strata and social relations of the territories portrayed, being able to integrate in the protography project other instruments such as video, sound recording, drawing and/or prints in travel journals.