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Camilo Rebelo

Eduardo Souto Moura

Álvaro Siza

The gallery - Contemporary View on City Spaces and Architecture in Oporto: Documentary and Artistic Photography Mapping (MFDA-ARP) - will have as its first case study a pilot project whose study and art object is the School of Architecture in University of Porto (FAUP) - MFDA-ARP-FAUP. This pilot project in FAUP is the first of a series of several case studies that will integrate MFDA-ARP.

MFDA-ARP will combine various artistic strategies applied to the universe of architectural photography and, at the same time, will adopt a monographic approach that will imply a contemporary documentary record prepared in accordance to dated and specific information, in order to test an enriched and innovative methodology over this universe. This means, among other things, understanding architecture as both subject and artistic matter, able to interest a specialized public, as well as being aceessed by the general public through publications in book or online through a digital collection.

Photography projects to be developed for each case study of MFDA-ARP will thus have to rehearse a documentary and artistic photography methodology that has architecture as its subject and artistic matter. These photography projects will have as reference the work of diverse authors coming from documentary and / or artistic universe who have architecture as its subject, thus moving away from traditional main stream architectural magazines. Besides this documentary and artistic background focused on architecture, MFDA-ARP project will integrate novel visual information not usually seen in the traditional scientific and monographic studies over these matters.

MFDA-ARP project aims, among other things, to help the Internationalization, dissemination and visibility of Oporto city spaces, architecture and cultural memories. This will be acieved mainly through a publication / catalog in book and a prototype of a Digital Photographic Archive, providing information and a Contemporary View on City Spaces and Architecture in Oporto.