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Construction of Public Space

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This gallery intends to open this thematic of the VSC about the transformation of certain territoritories of the AMP to projects of contemporary photography (CPP) capable of using photography as an instrument of communication and investigation about the transformation of certain urban spaces and corresponding architectures of the temporal period that goes from the XX to XXI century. We want to use and research the use of photography to deepen and bring new light on, among other possible themes:

- Past and present dynamics (appropriation of their spaces by different publics and relation of their architectures and programs with the surrounding of the city);
- Construction of Public Space / Porto secular XX (Squares, Gardens and other public spaces);
- Contemporary and / or emerging dynamics of transformation / change in public space and architecture;
- To perceive the multifaceted wealth of the territory, its architecture, appropriations and experiences in a differentiated way;


Each contemporary photography project that explores this theme must adopt several references and artistic strategies that take these spaces as object of documentary and artistic work and that are capable of bringing new readings beyond the traditional readings about the city space and its architectures. That is, projects capable of simultaneously, on the one hand, documenting and recording many of these dynamics, processes, history and architectures - public spaces of the AMP territory and, on the other, being instruments where documentary and artistic compete, both for research, discovery and understanding of these dynamics, processes and architectures.