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This gallery intends to study and document a set of Porto neighborhoods exploring the photograph that is a privileged means of communication combining a documentary and artistic look and being attentive to the way these architectural programs and their spaces are lived and appropriate . The objective is to extend the concept of architecture as a universe that integrates diverse social, political, historical and technical dimensions, as well as the way people live and work in these places and take ownership of spaces.

It is interesting to create a visual narrative from several images ie to represent the ideas of the project through a set of structured photographs and not from the sum of a set of isolated and / or autonomous images. There must thus be a strong link between the interrelationship of the photographs of each composition and the meaning and interpretation given to their ensemble in the form of visual narrative. Photographs that are not only signs of architecture, but also records that evoke the soul, or the genius loci of these places, and the way their spaces are appropriate and lived.