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Teaching projects

Rethink, Question Urban Realities


Rethink, Question Urban Realities

This Visual Spaces of Change Teaching Gallery is to be used by diverse courses where photography is present significantly and the potential of image is utilized for broadening horizons both for academic teaching, learning and research, making citizens in general and the academic community more conducive to the construction of new spaces of political discussion and social intervention.

It is expected that further developing the VSC e-learning platform will potentiate interaction, feedback, and networking among diverse participants in a pedagogical process designed to structure, represent and expose individual and/or collective interpretations of their social reality, stimulating the capacity of students to understand, critically think and act over its transformation using photography as their main instrument of inquiry, formal expression and communication.

The VSC project aims to offer considerable innovations in improving student’s capabilities on the use of photography as a significant research and communication tool, as well as to allow different public to gain a new enriched perception and understanding of architectureand public space, inducing self-reflective positioning in diverse publics.