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Déjà Vu - A Memory of the Present by Leonardo Motta Campos (AoLeo)

Visual Spaces of Change (VSC), a transdisciplinary research project with a significant component of Contemporary Photography, combined with complementary research in Space Syntax and Information Technologies, will be present at the Porto Ciclo'19 Photography Biennial, from May 16 to July 2.

This collaboration materializes through the operationalization of a curatorial project associated with a set of activities that cross the universes of photography and editorial in two complementary strands: (i) Display of Contemporary Photography projects (CPP) communicated through video projection and photography in several public spaces and collective use located in the Metropolitan Area of Porto (AMP), and (ii) Exhibition of alternative publications for the dissemination of authors and works with particular focus on Architecture, City and Territory Photography.

This program will be implemented in various public spaces and collective use, seeking to generate a dynamic of interaction with exhibitions in cultural organizations, professional associations, universities and other alternative spaces of artistic production. During the official biennial period in 2019, the highlights are the exhibitions at S. Bento and Aliados Metro Stations, and the exhibition at the Order of Architects and Municipal Library Almeida Garrett. The material that is intended to be brought to the public through the contemporary photography projects exhibited in these spaces constitute 'visual narratives' that intentionally interfere with the territory, provoking real and virtual encounters between contrasting landscapes of the AMP, offering angles and perspectives on this territory that raise a new look at its cultural, environmental and architectural heritage.

The activities proposed under this partnership are oriented towards an understanding of the processes of interrelations between Architecture, Art and Image, identifying the points of articulation of the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of these universes. The photographic projects that it is proposed to install in several public and collective spaces for temporary exhibitions are the copyright objects through which the aim is to broaden the debate around the cross-cutting themes of the VSC and Cycle'19 themes . This project aims at exploring how photography is a medium that can align artistic practice and academic research, while at the same time positioning itself critically before these universes. The strategy proposed to promote this approach intends to explore the potential of the photographic image as a critical and inquisitive instrument used to reinforce and expand communication and interaction capacities among agents involved in creative, cultural and artistic processes.

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