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Bairro da Bouça: Interiority and Space by Sara Lino

Casa de Cha Boa Nova by Helder Sousa

Momento. Percepção-Representação by Sofia Augusto

The idea of Álvaro Siza: Carlos Ramos Pavilion and Bouça Social Housing by Mark Durden, João Leal

Piscinas das Mares by Marta Ferreira

Continuo by Sérgio Rolando

The idea of Álvaro Siza: The Museum – Serralves by Mark Durden, João Leal

The selection of the various buildings for the case studies of this gallery regarding the extensive and important work of Architect Ávaro Siza, took into account issues of opportunity, diversity of programs, as well as being located at AMP, exploring each photographic project the special significance that each work of architecture has in relation to the context and territory where it is inserted.