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Momento. Percepção-Representação

by Sofia Augusto


Type of Gallery


Álvaro Siza


The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto was the architectural work chosen for the conceptual exploration and anthropological content of this work, in order to portray the spaces of the school in the daily routine, as well as several dynamics of appropriation.

Contemporary authors such as Paul Graham, Jeff Wall, Thomas Struth and David Claerbout are artistic references that are fundamental to this work and, because they do not belong to the disciplinary field of Architecture, offer new critical and poetic perspectives on this universe. They all have in common the fact that they take architecture as an artistic object and become interested in the way people appropriate the constructed spaces - both private and public. In addition, they also show a significant interest in the cultural and economic values that characterize the contemporary world, translated in the forms, materials and different forms of appropriation of Architecture and its spaces.

As a working strategy, the photographic record that has been presented has been realized with the "Corbusian idea of promenade architecturale" in mind, providing a continuous reading of the spaces, with successive moments, close to what could be a real experience of course. However, it is in moments of appropriation, (which presuppose action and human presence) that the recording of images is singularized and brings us a new perception - time, space and meaning are transformed. In this way, an artistic strategy was devised that made use of several synchronized cameras, recording the same moment from different points of view. Thus a new dimension is introduced in the work, starting with a different theme of exploration - the moment - from different perceptions of the same space and the same instant, thus exploring the kaleidoscopic side of perspective.

However, this work intends to explore the capacity of photography as an instrument for the search, analysis and exploration of space, that is, as an artistic instrument capable of creating a critical and poetic narrative, allowing a new reading of reality and form how space can be perceived, understood and represented.

Sofia F. Augusto (1985), architect and author in the audiovisual area. Lives and works in Porto (Portugal).
Has a Master degree in Architecture by the Faculty of Architecture of Porto University (FAUP).
In 2016 obtains a Master degree in Audiovisual Communication – Documentary Film and Photography (ESMAE), with the final research/project entitled “Perspectives on the Photographic Representation of Architecture and Places”.
In the same year, collaborated with CCRE (Center of Communication and Space Representation) research group (at FAUP’s R&D Center), where she developed some visual and theoretical research projects around the universe of Photography related to Architecture, Landscape and Territory.
In 2015, was highlighted in the National Contest of Young Creators (CPAI) in the Photography and Video categories, and, in 2016, was selected for the shortlist of the EDP Manoel de Oliveira Scholarship.
Participates in collective exhibitions with photography and videoart works and with sound and image installations.