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by Ana Jordão, Bárbara Oliveira, Ivo Roberto, João Figueiras, Ana Costa


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Miragaia, the neighborhood where color predominates, the difference stands out and the landscape qualifies, an atmosphere marked by history that gives this place a unique identity. The picturesque and poetic character characteristic of Miragaia led us to wander through its streets, under a watchful eye and discovery. If, on the one hand, a large part of the neighborhoods in Porto are made up of more homogeneous buildings and with strong design relationships between them, Miragaia is differentiated by the successive feelings it provokes in those who walk through it. Each corner is a surprise, each house is different from the next and beyond the vision as a primary sense, the textures and colors of the buildings stand out when viewed up close, referring to a haptic sense, very characteristic of this neighborhood. In addition to this, what makes Miragaia such a unique neighborhood are its inhabitants whose strong sense of hospitality, good disposition and sense of mutual help sew and unify the neighborhood, giving it even more authenticity. Although "the real Venice", as many of its inhabitants are called, today finds itself in a scenario of transformation and partly given over to tourism, Miragaia still has a charisma that is recognizable, not only for its architecture, but also by the daily experience of those who inhabit it. People come and go, but the essence remains and the place remains, or what remains of it.