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(Re) Qualifying the Existant

by Adriana Pinto, Inês Matos, Maria João Faria, Rafael Rodrigues


Type of Gallery


Teaching projects


The neighborhood under study is located in Bom Sucesso, in a strategic area both from the commercial point of view and from the point of view of accessibility. It consists of six buildings arranged in parallel, but out of phase, blocks that Gonçalo Sampaio street divides into two distinct parts. A neighborhood is almost always seen in a pejorative way, but here the fitting with the context is done so fluidly and openly that the expression of this group becomes clear ... so clear that the relaxation of those who pass by is visible. However, it is possible to find spaces that can be improved. It was time and necessity that changed this neighborhood, looking only at the present and without a vision for the future. Certain achievements that at first seemed essential and beneficial proved to be obstacles to the feeling of well-being. As an example, we have the construction of a park in the right wing, which, meanwhile, was demolished and the construction of a railing in the playground in the left wing, in an attempt to prevent the entry of animals. In addition, it appears that the neighboring areas are devalued and, therefore, transformed into parking, which assumes that there was no proper planning for these areas. In the suggested route, both on the left and right wing, we show the neighborhood's environment through important landmarks to understand the experiences and the forms of appropriation of those spaces. The proposed interventions include improving the leisure areas, revaluing the playground area and integrating a picnic area next to the cruise. In addition, we tried to incorporate a vertical garden to qualify the built areas and we designed juxtaposed patios along the west side of some housing blocks. Thus, we will try to give a more adequate answer to the needs of the inhabitants and the qualification of the neighborhood.