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Social Consideration: Requalification of Ramalde`s Neighborhood

by Ana Margarida Calheiros, Diogo Cunha, Gonçalo Carqueja Coelho, João Ling, Nicole Amorim


Type of Gallery


Teaching projects


The neighborhood of Ramalde proves to be an area in need of requalification of the space in order to achieve social requalification. The way of life in this place reflects a process of sociocultural de-characterization and there is a break in sociability and the relationship between neighbors and solidarity.

When we analyze the study area, we are faced with a lack of qualified leisure spaces for residents, and we believe we can use this gap to think about the potential of our intervention. With this intervention project, we intend to create areas of inclusion and social dynamics that promote the interaction between inhabitants of the neighborhood and others outside, in an attempt to appease the Ramalde area and promote the growth of culture and comfort.

This project provides for three intervention sites, as well as the routes that unite them, with the creation of three distinct character spaces. The first, located at the edge of the neighborhood, is the design of an amphitheater that integrates organically into the land. The second is the redesign of a children's leisure area, in order to take advantage and qualify a space that we believe already exists for this purpose - but that we were able to verify has not achieved this use. The third proposal is the creation of a garden of aromatic herbs and fruit trees that is common to the community, being located in the center of the neighborhood.

The proposal recognizes the impact generated by the circumstance of public space in a context of medium density of construction that fluctuates between residential and industrial spaces. The purpose of the project is linked to the ordering of different functions at the scale of their qualities, being organized in three levels: leisure, interaction and sustainability.