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The Influence of the Common Space: Bairro Sidónio Pais

by Ana Letycia Araújo, Josceline Adbulla, Luísa Bascelar, Nelson Laureano, Regina Oliveira, Vitor Magalhães, Ana Letycia Araújo , Josceline Abdulla


Type of Gallery


Teaching projects


The new public spaces tend to pay more attention to the young and middle-aged public, where the elderly are often more neglected. An inclusive public space should provide inspiration, theoretical and practical knowledge on how to design public space to meet the needs of people of all ages. This newspaper is the result of an intervention, based on architectural proposals already seen, which aims to present an inclusion design methodology and proposals for the near future.

As young architects concerned with the political and social implications of space, we are particularly interested in the public space and the role it can play in communities. In a contemporary society with dominant institutions, the public space is the most important place for the convergence of people of all ages. However, it appears that this inclusive potential is not being properly realized.

For this reason, we make a reading of what is the current space of Bairro Sidónio Pais, starting by building a discourse of images that shows the reality of the public space of that area. Then, we make a series of proposals for the revitalization of the small square that is there, and, however, other proposals for the revitalization of the main façades close to that place are added, in order to show how the public space can influence, and therefore re directly to improve what is semi-private or private space. Therefore, our inspiration with this speech is to help improve the understanding between a temporal passage with directions for the near future, in spatial practice, in addition to providing an innovative perspective on space and oppositions to aging.