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São Roque da Lameira

by Eva Sendas da Torre, Filipa Carvalho, Joana Viegas Santos


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The confrontation with an alien reality, the contrast between living in a neighborhood and living in that space are driving agents of our journey, that is, we dress the skin of those people who live with it and who make it not just another Porto Social Neighborhood, but the neighborhood of São Roque da Lameira. In this one, we wanted to be part of this space, in order to make known its habitation that makes it so special.
Our gaze as a space meter, attentive to every corner, every projected shadow, every sign of poverty / wealth that continually contrasts, defined our path and captivated our perspective of life and history that overflow it.
All these experiences associated with a narrative that goes from the outside to the inside, from the general to the most timid detail, characterize and build the proper space that is the São Roque da Lameira neighborhood.
The arrival, the departure, the routine, expressed during this journey and its integration in the space that emerges were part of us and we are part of it, capturing and, in turn, appropriating, from the most impacting gesture to the smoothest movement that defines it.