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Photography II

by Mariana Brandão, Isa Cancela, Dulce Barros


Type of Gallery


Teaching Photography ESMAD


The photographic projects are the result of the work developed by the students of Photography II, in the degree of Audiovisual Communication, ESMAD.


Portas Fronhas

by Mariana Brandão

Through a real and not idealized portrait, I decided to create an imaginary photographic route of someone who left the metro, at Portas Fronhas Station and wanted to know the area. This project portrays not only the state of the area itself and what effects tourism and the rapid growth of coastal and bathing areas can have on the landscape, as well as the demand for moving “houses”. The idea of a moving house comes from an analogy to the metro itself and what it represents to me as a user of the red line. In this sense, there was a search for improvised installations, which could temporarily be someone’s shelter and that brought the idea of movement, either because they are seasonal, temporary or live on tourism and the daily movement of people, or because they actually move, transporting people and goods where they are needed.


Espaço Natureza

by Isa Cancela
“Espaço Natureza” it’s the name of the location of the photographs. These photographys are all around the metro station “Espaço Natureza” in Porto. I want to show with this project the ammount of nature present but also the invasion of this beautiful and calm space by the industry. We see the green that runs through this space but then we have the metro, a factory, cars, stores and more factories. It is a very quiet place but around it is just noise. It may not be something totally negative they can balance each other and add something positive, or not.




by Dulce Barros

The AZURARA series is based on a photographic project with the goal of portraying the Azurara underground station and all its surroundings. Recording these areas, allows us, through pictures, to know and observe the architecture and the surrounding ambience. I tried to make a reinterpretation of the place using the Photography as a recording tool and critical analysis from this public space. As an approach, I followed my instinct through what the landscape was suggesting to me and from this, I created a concept that meets the project’s goal: to know and make it known.