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The U.Porto Faculties gallery brings together a set of contemporary photography projects (CPP) that communicate in an unconventional way, the richness and variety of realities of these territories - 14 Faculties of the U. Porto, where the architecture of the Faculties, their relationship with the City and its History sometimes assume a remarkable role in the character of the space and its experiences.

It is intended to offer new perspectives on these spaces, looking for details and views that can give relevance to characteristics of these spaces that otherwise would not be recognized. The goal is to go beyond what is obvious, trying to communicate what is more subtle or complex, taking into account the multifaceted richness of these places, building a visual narrative that is a critical and allegorical memory device of the space. We are interested in a photography that belongs simultaneously to the documentary and fictional universes, with the freedom to adopt different artistic strategies in order to make possible different levels of contamination between these two universes.