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Teaching projects


This gallery intends to use photography as an instrument for documenting, communicating and critically analysis of  public space, with  a focus on the metro stations and their surroundings as territories of study. The objective is to create and propose a set of critical visual narratives about the public spaces, program and surroundings of the Metro stations. We are particularly interested in projects capable of adopting strategies in the field of contemporary photography - artistic documentary - to simultaneously document and record the dynamics, processes, history and architectures of Metro Stations and, on the other hand, discovery and understanding of these dynamics, process and architectures - public spaces.

The photographic projects are able to bring new perspective on the spaces and the works of architecture of the Metro Stations of Porto and that they are distinguished by a conscious artistic appropriation of the photographic image that is used through a grammar and syntax. This visual language of photography must be used not only as a way of recording and expressing the architectural culture and spaces of the Porto Metro Stations, but also as an artistic strategy so that the visual narratives bring a new discourse about space and these architectures , which means, among other things, to understand architecture simultaneously as an object of disciplinary and artistic study.