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Construction of Public Space

Public Spaces in Porto



Porto Public Space

Praça Pedro Nunes by Frederico Martinho

The photography projects of this gallery are supported by the research conducted by João Castro Ferreira in the scope of his PhD under the title Public Space Construction in Oporto during the 20th century (2008 - 2013) a study that focuses on understanding the morphological characterization of the public space, built in the city of Oporto during the period from 1890 to 2010, taking into account, in particular, its understanding as a compositional structure.


We tried to distinguish prevailing formal types.It is sought through documentary and artistic photography to exploit this thematic of the public space comprising these spaces as object of documentary and artistic work, having as a concern to bring new readings on these public spaces and architecture. There is a special interest in exploring the readings of these public spaces through a percussion with several approaches and retreats. It seeks through photography, to explore the perception of interior and exterior of the squares and to foster an imminently haptic and visual experience, believing in a city idea that is based on physical and imaginary ties.