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Piscina das Marés inaugurated in 1966, discreetly mark the marginal of Leça da Palmeira tree with a compound of two swimming pools, locker rooms, changing rooms and bar. The project is by architect Álvaro de Siza Vieira.

During three months the pools are used for the true purpose that they were created, this time corresponds to the bathing season, mid-June to mid-September. In the remainin months of the year the pools are empty and under surveillance twenty four hours a day. The images realized are the registration of a space that is in transition between the "natural and the "artificial", where the concrete crosses with the primitive rock of the place. Its not "normal" stat of use allows in closer planes to intensify this junction / transition from "artificial" with the "natural" design of the architect, marked by the use of concrete, with the "drawin primitive "of the rocks. In more general plans the pools are "camouflaged".

The interest in photographing during the "non-use" of the place is evident in the selection of the images. The placement of some photographs of the pools in use punctually marks the narrative such as the time the place is used.

Marta Ferreira, a native of Muna de Besteiros, Viseu district, currently lives in Porto. In 2010, finished the degree in Audiovisual Communication Technology and in 2012 the Master
in Audiovisual Communication in the specialization of Documentary Photography. Has collaborated with
the scopio, namely in the project "Visual Mapping of Four Works of Siza
Vieira "(MFDA-ARP) doing a visual study under the space of the Tidal Pool.