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Bairro da Bouça: Interiority and Space

by Sara Lino


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For this photography project several authors and their work were studied and many of these creators were considered fascinating to delve in. The theoretical work was divided in two main chapters: photographic and literary / theoretical references. In both I studied Portuguese and foreign authors. When it came to photography, my main references awere Hélène Binet, Stephen Shore, Gabriele Basilico, Duane Michals e Paulo Catrica. Others are Ed Ruscha, Ezra Stoller, Julius Shulman, Richard Pare, Ines D’orey, André Cepeda and Luís Barbosa.


Hélène Binet, in her works, unequivocally, represents the modern movement in photography. Her projects became great sources of inspiration for the images I later produced. Through light and shapes, her poetic images challenge our eyes. The aesthetic of her works, the way she represents spaces, and seeing her images, motivated me very much and I believe it is possible to sense how her aesthetics influenced my work. “ As a photographer you are confronted with a dilemma: what is the soul of the room? The architectural identity of the room or the phenomenon created by the window and the room and their interaction?”20 Other than that, her projects inspired me to experiment with black and white as she manifests that black and white is capable of turning an image into much more, unfolding and communicating other dimensions of space.