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The idea of Álvaro Siza: The Museum – Serralves

by Mark Durden, João Leal


Type of Gallery


Álvaro Siza


Mark Durden and João Leal's photography series at the Serralves Museuem of Contemporary Art constitutes an aesthetic endeahvour that reveals some of the Siza's most significant traits. The Serralves is an architecture that affords a home to other arts, often allowing the exhibited art to be displayed in oneness with the place and not presented as isolated artefacts, as occurs for example, with Pedro Cabrita Reis' sculptures, which have established a strong connection with the exbition spaces. Mark's and João's series create a visual narrative that brings together Serralves' abstraction and poetics, as well as underscoring the significant relationship that the museum creates with the natural surroundings of the park. Álvaro Siza has explainded that teh museum's vision required him to create a design with the least possible impact on the surrounding urban setting and to avoid disrupting the gardens of the park and the Villa.